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President :Theresa Mapes

Vice President: John Mapes Jr

Chairman: Pinuncia Garfinkel

Secretary: Maria Rotolo

Public Affairs: Chris Chimento

Treasury : John Mapes 111

We are a 501 3C non-profit corporation.

We work hard all year to give two scholarships to two deserving high School students who pay it forward and are enrolled in a college.

  • To help end domestic violence and help anyone abused, all genders, ages and races.
  • To expose and help bring to justice, their abusers
  • To provide assistance to the abused. Helping them through emotional adversities and instill hope, pride and self esteem. All the while standing beside them as they move forward in life.
  • To raise our voices against violence through advocacy, empowerment and social change.
  • If you are affected by this violent crime or you know someone who is, we are here to help you through it and help you find a safe environment.
  • We will be here to help and guide you with police assistance, counseling etc, and help you throughout the entire process of "Starting Over".
  • We work diligently to encourage our elected and non elected officials for stricter laws and punishments on convicted offenders and provide stronger punishments on those who protection orders.
  • We have taught classes to NYPD in the handling of domestic violence deaths at Wagner College.
  • We have taught classes at Port Richmond high School On domestic violence awareness.